Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

General Partner Notes Payable

General Partner Notes Payable
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2021
General Partner Notes Payable [Line Items]  
General Partner Notes Payable
The Bridge GPs traditionally have a General Partner commitment to the respective fund, which is usually satisfied by affiliates direct investment into the funds. For the General Partner commitments for BSH I GP, BMF III GP and BDS I GP, this commitment was satisfied by a notes payable (“General Partner Notes Payable”) between the General Partner and certain related parties or outside investors (“GP Lenders”) for reduced management fees. Under the terms of the General Partner Notes Payable, the GP Lender enters into a notes payable with the respective General Partner, which then subscribes to the respective fund for the same amount as the amount of the General Partner Note Payable. The General Partner Notes Payable mature based upon the terms of the limited partnership agreement of the respective fund. The carrying value of the General Partner Notes Payable represents
the related GP Lender’s net asset value in the fund. The GP Lenders are entitled to all returned capital and profit distributions net of management fees and carried interest. We have elected the fair value option for the General Partner Notes Payable. The changes in value are recorded in realized and unrealized gains (losses).
The following schedule summarizes the carrying value of the General Partner Notes Payable (in thousands): 
Fair Value as of
June 30, 2021
Fair Value as of
December 31, 2020
Bridge Seniors Housing Fund I
   $ 4,775      $ 5,269      $ 5,243  
Bridge Multifamily Fund III
     9,300        7,612        8,643  
Bridge Debt Strategies Fund I
     7,260        2,554        2,572  
   $ 21,335      $ 15,435      $ 16,458  
The Company has no repayment obligation other than the return of capital and profit distributions, net of management fees and carried interest allocation of the respective fund.